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Static web, print, illustration and video samples


Static web site samples

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After the branding and design stages are complete your site is created with page styles, graphics and
navigational elements in place. From this point you may choose to take over the population and publishing
of your site or you may let me manage this for you. If you choose self management I will  guide you through
the process involved until your site is live.

The workflow I use finalises the site off-line prior to posting; this ensures stability, offers an extra proofing
cycle and ensures the site is not accidentally damaged during updates.


Print samples - click items for a larger view

X-4-5    X-44-1-2    X-AS1   X-MS-1

X-VB-1   X-ICJ-2   X-ND-1   X-VHC7

These samples include pages from brochures, leaflets and Dls. With a couple of exceptions these items were produced from no more than a straight text document and/or brief.


Art and illustration

X-WhiteR-2 copyToday illustration, photography and graphical design are very much intermingled. Occasionally I find myself in a situation where pen and ink are still required in an items creation, mainly during the concept stage. Only rarely is an item not required in a digital form at some stage.

The illustration here is an example of this.
A copy of the original illustration by John Tenniel for “Alice in Wonderland” c.1865 was made. This was enlarged and then hand redrawn in ink at A3. Cross hatching was reduced in heavily shaded areas to allow the colouring to show through. The artists original pen stroke style, weight and fade were physically copied. The new line art was scanned in and coloured. Clear cutting to half line width was done to allow variation in the background colour without affecting the image area colour. The larger view shows the image composited onto a background that replicates a woven paper stock.

Click the image for a larger view.


Video production

Although not my core business I also do video production work from time to time.

The video sample here was produced, along with a long version, for point of sale. Because of the environment it was to be used in the message needed to be clear without being able to hear the soundtrack. It also needed to be of a short duration. This sample has been reduced for easy web viewing.