Em Squared

Sample gallery


Web site samples

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M.O. - After the branding and design stages are complete your site is created with all pages,
graphics and navigational elements in place. At any point from here on you may choose tuition in
both managing and updating your site, if you do, I will guide you through the process involved until your site is live.

The workflow I use finalises sites off-line prior to posting; this ensures stability, offers an extra proofing cycle and ensures the site is not accidentally damaged during updates.


Print samples

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The main volume of my work is print oriented. You will notice some of the titles here replicated in
the web site sample section, this is because one usually leads to the other, especially given the
importance of branding consistency.

I can produce, in house, final print optimised files for printed material ranging from basic office
stationery and forms, through to large retail catalogues and anything in between.


Art samples

From time to time I am called upon to produce items that go beyond vector art for logo type,
these items venture into the area of artwork. Produced using traditional media, digitally or a mixture
of both, artwork has a multitude of uses from personal items through to labels and other branding that is dramatic and unique.

The samples here are by no means a comprehensive selection of styles, however they will provide an idea of range. Complete and incomplete items are included to show process.


Further services

Specialising in colour reproduction I can ensure you achieve the best results from your files
(or hard copy) within the print environment. I can provide a stand alone optimising service for
images to be used for sheet or web fed printing and on occasions provide the same service for
photographic print processing.

Photography goes hand in hand with my work, although I do not offer stand alone commercial photography I will advise on and/or complete photographic work usually as an adjunct to the other services I offer.

Retouching has always been part of colour reproduction, though the tools may have changed
the goals remain the same. Good retouch work is seldom noticed, so you probably haven’t seen
a lot of my work over the years.